May 27, 2016:

Dj Dynamic - The Best Of Dynamica

The ultimate Dj Dynamic compilation feat. 49 rave hits.



March 23, 2014:

Dj Dynamic - Classics

Dj Dynamic presents: Classics. A collection of tracks written originally from 1995 to 1997. These tracks have never before seen the light of a release, as they consisted only of melodies, short loops and ideas, basic first try-outs that never really worked out and did not function as standalone tracks. Written on the Raven-synthesizer and sequenced by a then 13 years old Hardy Küster, these fragments were now reworked and remastered for a finished full album release. What you hear are tracks built from the first electronic attempts by Küster.



April 24, 2013:

Hardy Küster - The Lumi Cycle

Finally the lumi cycle sees a release at c+h productions! Produced from 2008 to 2010, the lumi cycle was recorded from PC straight to tape. All in all the tracks seem to have influences by house music, dark drone and glittery glitch, experimental space noises and sweet Defektor-like melodies. The outcome is a heavy experimental tunnel mover, stretching club house to the limits of abstraction. Space cockpit meets 303.



October 20, 2012:

Hardy Küster - Essentials

Essential tracks from the past.



June 15, 2012:

Hardy Küster : Zeige Deine Wunder

Reissue of Küster's album "Zeige Deine Wunde" from November 2011. Remastered and reworked we follow Beuys' paths...



June 09, 2012:

Hardy Küster : Unvergleichlich

Featuring the hits from the UN-series.



April 20, 2012:

Hardy Küster: Complete Works

Neue Musik by Hardy Küster. The complete catalogue.



April 07, 2012:

New Netlabel MORPHO-X launched today!

Hardy Küster launchs his own minimal techno label imprint!




January 13, 2012:

Hardy Küster - Four Seasons

Composed on my laptop, here come the four seasons in their full brightness...



January 04, 2012:

Various Artists - Housemannskost RMX

Four remixes on vinyl coming up for the Housemannskost mega project...



January 01, 2012:

Various Artists - Housemannskost

Welcome the arrival of another year with me...2012; here we come! Hardy Küster presents a house sampler double-cd with all house session tracks produced by him on new year's eve 2011-12, featuring Tanzbodenfaktor, Albatros, 2000 And Twelve, Expresso, Vivien La Roche, Flex, Hermann P. Fact, Jens F. & Zoomooz.



December 15, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Alpin Ski

Alpin ski TM.



December 10, 2011:

Hardliner - Bording The Border Bord

The border bord being borded.



November 29, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Organic Beach Deformation

Hardy Küster LIVE! via midi raven, creating minimal worlds from beach sounds.



November 09, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Rescate

Rescue the Thirtythree.



November 05, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Healing

Der Heilprozess.



October 17, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Resistance Is Futile

Hey there, earthling! Resistance is futile!

Mampf mampf mampf!



July 30, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Gegenwind

Mein Fahrrad hackt auf Dreiecke.



July 19, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Trommelfell

Der Mensch in diesem auserwählten Landstrich ist schwer zu finden. Vom Gipfel in das Land des Todes, durch den Wasserstaub, war sauber gefegt.

Eine tote Stadt wählte die Nummer und sprach durch ein Taschentuch.

Zwölf Stunden, die der Wirklichkeit weit entrückt waren: Feuer im Kamin, der oberhalb ihrer Felsplatte stand.



June 28, 2011:

Hardy Küster - Sternschnuppe

Some stars glowing in the sky.



October 27, 2009:

Hardy Küster - KIT

Take a walk in Adelebsen, take photos of sticks and there it is: KIT.



July 24, 2008:

Hardy Küster - Birdfree

After visiting this years avantgarde festival in Schiphorst and meeting people like Evgenij and Claudia, Hardy is back with some experimental tracks on a psychedelic avantgarde album. This album features brandnew material and field recordings from the horror house in Hetjershausen as well as old forgotten lost & found substances like "Smell Sounds" from November 2002, "20 Minutes Of Fine Art" from December 2001 or "Sound Installation 02.12.2001", a live sound installation from 2001. All those ancient recordings have been made while trippin' on mescaline.

Experimental music for new ears! The religion of the birds! And anything else!



June 22, 2007:

New Section To Discover: Brot's Artworks!

We are proud to present a new area on Brot's homepage: The artwork page! It contains images of pictures, drawings, sculptures and other items I have been working on in the past.

In Stuttgart I had the opportunity to work with different materials from February to June 2007 at Sonnenbergstudios 561 and 562 and in the art room. At home in Göttingen I sketch on organic junk landscapes as well.



February 25, 2006:

2 Scheiben Brot - Essential Live Set

C+H productions proudly presents 2 Scheiben Brot (@ Savoy Club Kassel) live 02-2006.



February 20, 2006:

2 Scheiben Brot First Live Set @ SAVOY CLUB Kassel!

2 Scheiben Brot have performed their first live set @ the SAVOY CLUB in Kassel on day 25.02.2006 time 20:00.



November 21, 2005:

New Brot Album "Brot In Not" Released Today!

Not many seconds ago Brot has uploaded stuff to the C+H headquarters server. It is his new album Brot In Not! As always you can download it mpthreed here. Brot himself has very huge sun while presenting you the best clouds from his heart. He wants you to elevate that you are smiley targets and the trust his hands own are available for your ears now so hurry down and waste your time! You are concretely welcome, of course and foremost the beauty in person while being strung to the strangebiteish membership of ear justice hidden under bald skins. But fortunately Brot is here to save the world!

The album is 11 songs tall. It smells like christmas if you close your eyes and imagine alike. It has drawings on the back and the front of the cd. Please do your ears a flavor and vote toast. Diary holiday ectoplasma rug extended, but dance dance dance yardhaunting cowboys!



May 28, 2005:

Brot / HK Live Set on 11.06.2005 in Adelebsen (Grillhütte)!

Brot will perform a live set together with Basti the Hesse from Hessen at the
Grillhütte in Adelebsen on June the 11th. You can find those two wondersome rhytem & groove masters down there on the flyer as Hardy & Basti "live". This will be Brot's (HK's) second live set at the Grillhütte in Adelebsen. Thorsten has birthday. Torte. Look down at the flyer and search for "Mind Bendinger". He is it. He is a great Dj. Just like Basti who will be performing live with Brot / HK on that day instead of throwing vinyls. He is from Hessen in Germany. It is going to be a great party with loads of fun and a lot of dressed people.



April 12, 2005:

Bequest of HK now online!

Discover HK's writings on his "sonic diaries" here!


April 08, 2005:

Stunning Bequest Of HK Discovered!

Before his sudden death and / or transformation into Brot, HK apparently has written down some lines about his so called "sonic diaries". We will put those writings online as soon as we can. In the text he is precisely describing his strategy for recording those diaries. Hopefully the sonic materials refered to in the script will be discovered soon likewise. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Wheresoever they will be, we will find them damn sure. Hares may pull dead lions by the beard. Every cloud has a silver lining. April showers bring may flowers. A creaking door hangs long in his hinges. In his equally discovered last will HK wanted his entire work to be reproduced and issued to all primary schools worldwide. He also insists on the incineration of all his mansions, pets, recordings, writings and friends. An old flame never dies. Better late than never. Adversity is the school of wisdom. When it rains, it pours.


March 29, 2005:

Brot Homepage Finally Online

HK finally managed to put the new Brot homepage online. For all you HK fans this is very bad news : HK is dead. He woke up one beautiful morning, girded by farina, same carbs and wheat bran. Fountains of protein powder sputtered from his ears and his potbelly was filled with grounded almonds ! He tried to scream, but he couldn't! His yap was filled with crushed linseed and under his fingernails there was salt! He tried to stand up, but when he moved his body to get away from his bed his feet and legs were covered by dry yeast! "Fuck!" he thought when he saw the water coming from above, filling the entire room up to the top. Sadly this was his last thought ever. There was no chance to escape this hellish work of evil bakery. Noone could help him. Noone has ever seen him again, although he managed to put a new homepage online on March, the 29th, 2005. On that day HK finally disappeared forever, forcing everyone to call him B R O T.